Water Utility GHG Management Solutions

Gain clarity with water utility emissions analytics, and start cruising on your path to net zero with subscriptions to our GHG management solutions.

When it comes to decarbonization in the water sector, having water system/process, GHG, and AI and machine learning (AI/ML) expertise is the most powerful combination. Therefore, as water, GHG, and AI/ML experts we are adding value and climate impact through multiple solutions for water utility GHG emissions management. Read about some of our climate solutions below.

Water utility carbon accounting and analytics

Whether you are trying to develop an industry best practice GHG emissions inventory, have already developed an emissions inventory and are trying to improve your GHG accounting, or trying to find and understand what levers to pull to get closer to net zero while still meeting core water utility objectives, we can provide the guidance, insights and clarity needed for meeting your decarbonization goals.

Total wastewater N2O process emissions management

Our N2ORisk DSS is your all-in-one AI/ML platform for wastewater N2O process emissions accounting, reduction, and monitoring. However N2O reduction is just one component to net zero.  We need to see how N2O fits in the big picture. Therefore, we also provide machine learning-based forecasting to see how your N2O emissions compare to the rest of your emissions over time and see how N2O reduction helps your net zero goals.

The Novedar_EDSS can evaluate a whole library of conventional and innovative technologies using expert reasoning in literally seconds, maximizing the real power of AI. All of this is done with sustainability imbedded in the tool with technical, economic, environmental, and social scoring of treatment alternatives and user-defined weighting of each.
Learn more about the Novedar_EDSS here.

Beta Novedar_EDSS for accounting of GHG emissions related to different wastewater treatment technologies

A leader in water utility GHG management 

When it comes to water utility carbon accounting, we have been leading the industry for years.  Founder and CEO, Jose Porro started the company with the vision of bringing GHG reduction to the industry because he has been doing carbon accounting since 2008, N2O and GHG reduction since 2010, leading the International Water Association (IWA) Task Group on GHG modelling.  Cobalt Water Global was also instrumental in the development of the ECAM tool working with IWA and GIZ in the WaCCliM project, which aimed at developing a roadmap for low-carbon water utilities, the first web-based carbon accounting tool, and helping water utilities in Mexico, Peru, Thailand, and Jordan to decarbonize.